Jeong & Misook Gho

GhoJeong & Misook Gho have served with Christian Reformed World Missions for the past 20 yrs and are also supported by AVCRC.

Reconciliation and evangelism summarize our work in Japan. During the last decade, our work has expanded beyond Japan to other parts of Asia through vision tours, church school teacher training workshops, Coffee Break, and the Japan Church Plantings Institute. Many churches and individuals enthusiastically welcome these ministries and actively promote these activities. We join you in dreaming a great dream for God's name to be greatly honored in Asia through these ministries.

Jeong is a leadership trainer. With his many contacts in East Asia, Jeong is instrumental in creating reconciliation and networking opportunities among Christians in this part of the world. Jeong and Misook are both certified instructors for the Evangelical Training Association and are qualified as leader trainers for the Coffee Break program and Timothy Leadership Training International. They are also involved in training church leaders in Korea and other parts of Asia.