Relief Venezuela

ruben jenniferRuben and Jennifer Carrasquel are missionaries working as directors of the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Ruben is Venezuelan and Jennifer is American. She grew up in Almond Valley CRC (AVCRC) and did various missions trips before joining YWAM. Ruben learned English and worked as a translator for various Christian organizations before becoming director of YWAM in 2007. They bought the house where the current base is located in November, 2013 with the help of AVCRC.

They currently run Discipleship Training School's (DTS) at the base every year and host individuals and teams that go to work there. With Jennifer's background in Community Development and Ruben's experience as an English teacher, they teach English to the local church and the community. They also serve as Mission Leaders for the local church and do one national and one international mission trip each year with local youth and adults. They do missions as a family with their children – Alexander (2011) and Elizabeth (2013).

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